Getting a Post-Season Assignment

Officials must meet the following conditions:

1. Attend a current rules meeting for the sports in question.
2. Obtain approved status with a minimum of 16 ratings for the sport in question.
3. Achieve a 3-year rating score of 3.0 or better (1.0 is best).
4. Be a member, in good standing, of a Local Approved Association as determined by the MHSAA.
5. Submission of a social security number through the online registration process.

Note: Greater or lesser requirements may be established for items 2 and 3 for specific sports.

In “good standing” means that the official is an active member of a local approved association and is current in all requirements of that association. Good standing must include at a minimum, but is not limited to, the following:

1. Payment of appropriate association dues.
2. Attendance of 50% or more of association meetings.
3. Completion of any required training or certification.
4. Not be delinquent in dues payment or subject to any association discipline.
5. Officiate the minimum number of varsity games as required by the MHSAA.